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This is a star of short term success and gains, of doing well or being flavour of the month before retreating back to where you came from. As one might think, this contributes the nature of being busy all the time and buzzing around. It is connected to business success as one is always on the go and active. There can be a love of or need for stimulants such as tobacco or other drugs as well as an appreciation of rich food and drink.

This star may bring a very optimistic outlook on life as well as in interest in resurrection and what happens to us when we pass on into spirit. One may be drawn to interests and professions where one enters or one leaves, from recruitment and human affairs to medical careers and even undertakers. This star is a gentle one of huge strength, persistence and endurance and if you have this star connected to your planets then you will be able to put up with all manner of problems in a calm and unhurried way.

This can be a very turbulent and emotional star and if the energy of it is prevented from being expressed openly then it can provoke extreme violence and tumultuous outbursts of anger and rage.

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There is great passion and obsession here to take advantage of though, and it can drive one on to great feats and achievements. This star has the potential for one to get to be the king of the jungle and to rise up to a very prominent position, however there will be tests along the way and if one resorts to revenge action against an individual who tries to thwart your plans, then you may lose everything that you have worked for.

This star is linked to looking after a treasure or something precious that is of value to others.

It brings in the idea of sharing resources and it may make you overly nervous or afraid that you will run out of something that you need, therefore this can be a star of anxiety and worry too. This star may indicate that you will have to go through a period in life of toil and hard graft and it also indicates that you may be victimised or pressured in some manner. If this is not the case you may work instead with people and in situations where victims are present and need assistance. It is a star of individualism and doing something that is either unique or special in some manner.

It can also show someone who will avoid the mainstream and will prefer to do things for the minority or on the edges of society. There is a feeling of rebellion here and of seeing things differently to everyone else. Anyone with this star connected to their planets or angles will have some kind of special talent that they were born with or inherited from their family, maybe they use it through their work or it appears in what they create.

There is a mystical and special feeling that surround individuals who have this star prominent. This is a star where you will work hard for the benefit of many without looking for reward or thanks. You may sacrifice your own chances so that others can progress, or you may be asked to do something that seems beyond your capabilities.

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This star is one of harvesting and gathering and if connected to a chart it will confer an enjoyment of collecting things, be it objects, ideas or anything that you find interesting. You may suffer unfortunate events, suffer constant delays and or frustrations. This star connected to your chart indicate a potential for brilliance and having an abundance of talent. It shows you may be extremely gifted and you will have a chance to share that gift with the world. This star in your chart will give you the knowledge of how to make money, how to handle possessions and how to build businesses and organisations from the bottom up.

There is a link here to the spiritual world and Acrux was prominent recently during a change in religious leaders at the Vatican and in the Anglican Church. This is a star where you will achieve much without little effort, however there will always be a price to pay later on. This star lends itself to a very open and colourful love life and also a love of nature and in particular flowers. With this star in your chart, you will work tirelessly for a group or association or to make thing better for all without looking for any rewards for yourself.

It can lead to careers in politics, local government of community affairs where you volunteer or give up your time for others. This time however, the motivation is personal and you will work on behalf of groups and associations to change things for the better but only if you gain from the effort that you put in, either through gaining power, getting influence or doing well financially.

This star is linked to healing and the medical professions and when connected to your chart it can indicate a weakness and a propensity for being a little accident prone. You may do well in helping people with their problems but also have some of your own to deal with in your professional life if you are anything other than honest. This may be through action connected to a cause, through healing or being able to fix something that has gone wrong, either for the individual or for the group.

Again these lessons that you are either giving or receiving will be connected to something that has gone wrong or needs repairing, either in an individual sense or a collective one. This star is linked to healing through knowledge and through the giving of information.

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A royal Persian star, Antares is an influence of passion and intensity and a powerful star of regeneration and through transformational experiences it can lead you to great heights and power however your nemesis here will be jealousy and obsession. If you succumb to these emotions then it can lead to self destruction. This is a star of balance and connections to it will bring great love of nature and the environment around you and on a wider scale the future of the planet. You will have a need for things to be in the correct order and you may dedicate yourself to honouring something or someone who is more powerful or influential than yourself.

Any connection to a planet or angle will suggest that you will have an aptitude for teaching or healing or you may suffer in an area of life. There is a feeling of providing a service here, through social work, political representation or though caring, psychological and healing practices.

This star shows that you will suffer the kind of attacks in your life that will toughen you up. This may be through criticism or even physical harm that you suffer. You will learn to take these on the chin and come back stronger and tougher. The difference is that Acumen provokes attacks against you that are damaging to your confidence, and your determination to succeed as well as your mental and physical strength over time will tend to be worn down.

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Your resistance will lessen and the blows you suffer will hurt you more and more. This is a hugely focused and ruthless star and one that that can provoke action that is cruel or even deadly. The qualities here can turn you into a fearsome leader or a dangerous foe, determined to accomplish whatever task is set with precision and accuracy. Here are the conditions for high achievement, but it can also make one very direct and incredibly outspoken. One may travel long distances with connections to this star and it may give you the ability to speak very effectively on business, faith or international topics.

This is hugely creative star with special links to music, poetry or other artistic skills. You may have the ability to play an instrument, you may have incredible rhythm, have a mystical hold over others or just be very charismatic. There is the ability to deceive here, and you may be able to get others to do your bidding.

This star is unspectacular in nature but it does allow you to make all the preparations and lay all the foundations in your life so that you can have lasting success, strong beliefs and philosophies that can last you a lifetime. The only downside is that Rukbat is so rigid it may lead to extreme stubbornness and when you have to change direction, you will struggle to do so. This is a star of assertiveness but with a social conscience. Certainly if you have this star connected to your chart, you will not be afraid of taking a chance and you would rather get on and do something positive rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to do so.

You may be curious, clever or very intuitive and this star allows you to constantly shine where others are struggling. It suggests that you will be fortunate through your intuition and in being in tune with the flow of things going on around you. In short you will be able to sense when to make the correct decisions at the correct time, so that you will maximise your opportunities. This is a tough star connected to the law, justice and making sure that everything was in order. You will live life by the rule book with this star in your chart, having a serious demeanour and a conservative attitude.

This is a very lucky star however you will not be able to benefit from the fortune on offer unless you make the best of your opportunities. The constellations 40 traditional constellations, plus 33 new ; 3.

The Astrological Journal May-June 2016

The zodiac, the ring of life ; 4. Star phases ; 5. Mundane heliacal rising maps; E. Ecliptical degrees: Ptolemy's method versus the modern system; F. Birth data; G.

Star guide; Bibliography; Index. Comment : Brady organizes her book by constellation, then by the stars in them. Stars are said to be in paran if they rise or set at the same time.

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This greatly enlarges the influence of fixed stars in most nativities. With each star, Brady briefly cites the opinions of Ptolemy, Robson, Rigor now out of print, alas and Ebertin. Weiser, pages, paper. The star tables 3.

My name is Paul Saunders - Welcome to my fascinating world of Astrology.

A paran short for paranatellonatato is a relationship among stars, planets, and the local horizon. Which means parans are what is visibly angular, the IC being ignored. Brady develops this in terms of star-worship. Each of which was worshiped as it came over the horizon with the rising sun as the most recently resurrrected god. Stars that set in the west when the sun is rising in the east are said to be setting.

Such stars - collectively, all those visible at night - are said to be unavailable for worship or guidance. As a personal aside, there are more things in life than worship. This Brady does not mention. I am uncertain if she is aware of it or not. North: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 degrees. In my case, my rising star had been in the sky for 34 days at the time of my birth, while my setting star had been out for two full weeks. I'd like something a bit more specific to my day of birth, if not the hour. To find the parans of your chart, note your planetary positions - and their reflections on the opposite side of the zodiac, and then go to the table of latitude for your birth.

These are given every five degrees, from 50 degrees south, to 65 degrees north. Each one lists all the 64 stars which Brady uses, stars below the horizon excluded.